Taking Leave as a Shared Experience –
The Funeral Service

The funeral service is the final celebration of the life of the deceased. It is usually attended by family, friends and acquaintances wanting to pay their last respects, grieve and remember the deceased.

We want your final moments with the deceased to be just the way you want them – be it through a traditional service that follows religious conventions or a non-religious alternative. We’ll deliver the service you would like. And, if needed, we will be pleased to contribute our ideas, be it for decoration, personal rituals or even the use of live music.

Our funeral home offers beautifully fitted rooms for funeral services with up to 60 people – but if you decide to hold the service elsewhere, we’ll make sure it is as dignified as it can be. We have also had successful experiences of larger services in unusual locations. If you would like to know more, please enquire so that we can organise the scale of service you require.

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