Farewells –
Open-Casket Viewings

The tradition of laying out the deceased so that family members can say their goodbyes has a long history. A personal encounter with the deceased can be a constructive experience, allowing mourners to comprehend the effect of the situation with both heart and mind, and to find a way of grieving. It is also an opportunity to honour the deceased, as family members consciously take the time to pay their last respects.

Laying out the body in a hospital or care home, which may lack atmosphere and time, is no replacement for the valuable tradition of viewing the deceased. In addition, hospitals and care homes may not be beneficial to the grieving process, acting only as reminders of the deceased’s day-to-day struggle with illness or frailty. For this reason, we have set up our own room of remembrance in our funeral home, where the peaceful atmosphere enhances the most important final moments with the deceased. We give you the time you need to say goodbye – right up until the day of the funeral.

If you wish to see our chapel of rest, please ask and we will arrange a visit.

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