Pathfinder & Companion –
Our Philosophy

The loss of someone close is one of life’s most difficult experiences. When it comes finding hope amid the pain and embracing the opportunity for a final farewell, compassion and understanding are vital. As an experienced companion for people facing their most challenging moments, we at Knopf Bestattungen understand the magnitude of our responsibility and put the deceased’s family members at the centre of everything we do. As well as attending to your personal needs, we’ll make sure you give your loved one the farewell you want for them.

Our funeral home is a place of calm but also of encounter – with the deceased, with your own emotions and with the living. We believe in talking things through and sharing, because in difficult times it’s important to support each other. At Knopf Bestattungen, we welcome everybody, no matter what their background, religion or way of life, and are ready to create new pathways to provide the support they need – whatever it may be.

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