Every Step of the Way – Our Services

When someone dies, we’re here to help you and to deliver the dignified farewell you want for them. Our priority is to make sure that you feel secure at this point and able to grieve as you wish. We can support you in a wide variety of ways. We will:

  • Take care of all the formalities, transfer the deceased from the place of death, and give them the specialist care they need until the funeral.
  • Help you choose the right type of funeral and coffin or casket and eventually urn.
  • Plan and prepare the memorial service and put you in touch with a priest or officiant.
  • Design a full range of funeral stationery for you and ensure death notices are published in the media you choose.
  • Organise transport for those attending the funeral and reserve accommodation for guests travelling in from further afield, if you wish.
  • Ensure the funeral and burial run smoothly.
  • Book a venue for the after-funeral reception
  • Take the time to familiarise you with the available options set out in the deceased’s funeral plan.

In addition, we offer:

  • A secure and private environment
  • The time and place to grieve
  • The opportunity for you to contribute to preparations yourself
  • The scope to develop and realise creative rituals as you would like them
  • A meeting place for the bereaved
  • Information and cultural events

Funeral costs

In our view a sound consultation is essential – because a funeral is a highly personal matter, as is the budget that’s intended for it. Quoting a flat-rate fee would be irresponsible, as floral tributes, musicians, cemetery fees, headstones and the like would need to be added to the cost of our services.

For a binding estimate of costs and to discuss your personal wishes, please speak to us in person. We’re happy to help.

We’re qualified and connected

To make sure we maintain a high standard of services, we have obtained certification. As members of our specialist association, skilled work and customer satisfaction are guaranteed.

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