Grave types:

Cemeteries offer a variety of grave types:

Pre-purchased burial plots

The deceased or their family members choose a burial plot. If it is a companion or family plot, for instance, multiple burials can be carried out on the same gravesite. In addition, urns can be interred on a plot that already contains a coffin. Leases on plots can be renewed on expiry.

Pre-purchased burial plots including maintenance services

These plots are chosen by the deceased or their family, and planted and tended by Voerde Council. Unlike lawn graves, they can be graced with headstones, vases or other ornaments, provided these meet regulations.

Allocated grave plots

These graves are allocated by the cemetery and accommodate one deceased person only. For this reason, they are often cheaper than pre-purchased plots. Burial rights on these plots cannot be extended.

Allocated plots in maintained Garden of Remembrance with memorial stone

Evangelical and Catholic cemeteries in the local area offer a variety of options for this type of grave, so we recommend a personal consultation.

Lawn grave plots

Unlike conventional places of rest, lawn graves offer no scope for personalisation. Instead, they are turfed over. The grass is regularly cut by the cemetery. The name of the deceased can be shown on a lawn headstone at the edge of the turfed area. In many church cemeteries, the name is mandatory.

Columbarium walls

Cremated remains can be either interred or housed above ground in a columbarium wall. Different cemeteries offer different options, so we recommend a personal consultation to clarify your thoughts.

Anonymous burial sites

Coffins and urns can be interred in an unspecified area of a burial ground. To ensure that the precise location remains unknown, family and friends are not invited to attend the interment.

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