Oasis of Calm & Hub of Life –
Casa Vitam Admittamus

Our funeral home in Bahnhofstraße 71 in Voerde is an oasis of calm amid the hustle and bustle of urban life. Behind the sleek façade lies a series of generous, inviting rooms that create a secure environment in which to pay your last respects. In our experience, people soon find they feel safe and comfortable with us – which also helps them to speak openly in such a difficult situation and make the big decisions that must be made.

We’ve called our funeral home Casa Vitam Admittamus – a Latin name that seems a little lengthy at first but expresses perfectly what this special place is all about: the word “admittere” means both “let in” and “let go”, so ours is a house of admitting and permitting transit. As living people, our only perspective on death is from one side – the side of life. In our view, death is a very important part of life.

Designing our funeral home, we consciously focused on the needs of the deceased’s family members. Our open-plan reception area welcomes visitors and makes them feel at ease, while our private meeting room offers a more intimate atmosphere for personal consultations. And then there is our room of remembrance, with which we are trying to revive the tradition of the wake as a way of giving family and friends the time and space to take leave of the deceased. Our funeral hall can be used for funeral services with up to 60 guests.

If you would like to know more about our funeral home, we’ll be pleased to show you around.

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